Baymfest in Tokyo

Exploring Extreme Forms of Matter

A symposium in honor of Professor Gordon Baym

March 14, 2016, Faculty of Science 4th-bldg 1320
Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo

Photos of the speakers and the audience are now available!


This is a joint symposium hosted by The University of Tokyo and RIKEN on nuclear physics, condensed matter physics and astrophysics in hornor of Prof. Gordon Baym's 80th birth year. We welcome participation of all scientists who are interested in these fields and related interdisciplinary research. We hope to have fruitful discussions on the current status and future perspectives in these fields at the symposium.

Science Program

Click the title of the talk to download the presentation slides.
Session 1 (Nuclear Physics: Chair: T. Matsui)
10:00 -- 10:05T. Hatsuda (RIKEN/Tokyo) Welcome
10:05 -- 10:40S. Nagamiya (RIKEN/KEK) Early days of relativistic heavy-ion collisions
10:40 -- 11:15K. Fukushima (Tokyo) From high temperature to high density matter of quarks and gluons
11:15 -- 11:50T. Kunihiro (Kyoto) Transport problems in relativistic heavy-ion collisions and cold atoms
Lunch Break
Session 2 (Condensed Matter Physics: Chair: M. Uwaha)
13:20 -- 13:55H. Aoki (Tokyo) Electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions in and out of equilibrium
13:55 -- 14:30Y. Ohashi (Keio) Pairings in an ultracold Fermi gas and application to neutron star physics
14:30 -- 15:05H. Fukuyama (Tokyo) Quantum Liquid, Solid and Liquid-crystal Phases of Helium in Two-dimensions
Coffee Break
Session 3 (Astrophysics: Chair: T. Hatsuda)
15:30 -- 16:05T. Tamagawa (RIKEN) X-ray Observations of Neutron Stars: current and future
16:05 -- 16:40Y. Motizuki (RIKEN) Astronomical signatures embedded in ice cores (*)
Coffee Break
Physics Colloquium (Chair: H. Fukuyama)
17:00 -- 17:05T. Hatsuda (RIKEN) Introducing Professor Gordon Baym
17:05 -- 18:00G. Baym (Illinois) Half a century of physics in Japan
Reception (18:30 -- 20:30)

(*) Motizuki-san's talk contains unpublished data, and will be available after the data are unveiled.


For the participation in the symposium, the registration is not necessary. If you plan to join the Reception starting at 6:30pm in 1320, we need to receive a filled Registration Form no later than March 7. Please visit Registration Form (the registration is closed) and send your Name / Affiliation / Email Address / Position / Accompanying Person(s). Please save the link to "Edit your response" if you want to update your information later.

Access to the Venue

You can find an access map (click the link) to go to The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus.
The symposium will be held at 1320 on the 3rd floor of the 4th building in Faculty of Science, which is found at 102 on the campus map (click the link).


Kenji Fukushima (The University of Tokyo)
Hiroshi Fukuyama (The University of Tokyo)
Tetsuo Hatsuda (Riken/The University of Tokyo, Chair)
Tetsuo Matsui (The Open University of Japan/Riken)
Masaki Sano (The University of Tokyo)
Makio Uwaha (Nagoya University)

This symposium is supported by Physics Dept. of U. Tokyo and RIKEN iTHES.
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