Topical Workshop on
  Quarks and Hadrons under Extreme Conditions
- AdS/QCD, Lattice QCD, and Physics at RHIC/LHC -

  May 18 (Mon.)-19 (Tues.),  2009
room 1320, 3rd floor, Sci. Building 4, Hongo, Univ. Tokyo

Aim of the workshop:

  There are growing theoretical and experimental interests on the properties of quarks and hadrons
in the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) created by the relativistic heavy-ion collisions at RHIC and at
future LHC. Some examples are jets, heavy quarks,  scalar and vector mesons inside
the quark-gluon matter. Theoretically,  approaches based on AdS/QCD and lattice QCD are found
to be powerful tools to study the  spectral properties of quarks and hadrons under extreme conditions. 
The aims of this topical workshop are to summarize  the current status of these theoretical approaches
and to explore new directions  toward the understanding of strongly interacting quarks and gluons
at high energy density.

 Y. Kim (APCTP): In-medium AdS/QCD (review)
T. Hatsuda (Tokyo): Hot quarks and hadrons in lattice QCD (review)
T. Hirano (Tokyo): Hot quarks and hadrons in relativistic heavy ion collisions (review)
T. Misumi (Kyoto) : Finite-temperature spectral function of mesons in AdS/QCD
Ohnishi (YITP): Hot and dense hadrons in strong coupling lattice QCD
 S. Nakamura (Kyoto): Few questions on finite baryon density in holographic QCD
 M. Natsuume (KEK): Hydrodynamics of sQGP from AdS/CFT
 H. Fujii (Tokyo): Quarkonium production in cold nuclear matter
 Y. Akamatsu (Tokyo): Heavy quark propagation and correlation in QGP
Y. Maezawa (RIKEN): Heavy quark potential and screening mass in QGP from lattice QCD simulations
C. Marquet (Columbia/Tsukuba): Heavy-quark energy loss and thermalization in AdS/CFT
T. Umeda (Hiroshima): Hot wave function from lattice QCD
A. Rothkopf (Tokyo): Heavy quark potential from thermal Wilson loop on the lattice
N. Tanji (Tokyo): Pair creation under strong fields
M. Fujita (Kyoto): Geometric entropy and hagedorn/deconfinement transition


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Access:  Univ. of Tokyo   Sci. Building 4

Accomodations nearby: Hotel Park Side  Forest Hongo  Hotel Kizankan

  K. Fukushima (YITP), T. Hatsuda (Tokyo), K. Kanaya (Tsukuba)

Partially supported by
 新学術領域研究・素核宇宙融合:計画研究「クォーク力学に基づく原子核構 造」

  K. Fukushima (YITP)
  T. Hatsuda (Tokyo)
  Quantum Hadron Physics Group in Univ. of Tokyo