Symposium and Workshop
on the Quark-Gluon Plasma and Heavy-Ion Physics
at  RHIC and LHC

Phys. Dep., Univ. of Tokyo,  July 25 (Fri.)

 School of Science Build. 4,  room 1220 (2nd floor)  in Univ. of Tokyo

Main topics:
Deconfinement and chiral restoration in hot QCD
Quark-gluon plasma and its signatures
RHIC and LHC experiments

Morning Lectures

H. Satz (Univ. of Bielfeld)
Parton Percolation in Nuclear Collisions(pdf-file)

X. N. Wang (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.)
Single and Dihadron Tomography of Heavy-Ion Collisions(ppt-file)

Afternoon workshop

K. Shigaki  (Phys. Dep., Hiroshima U.)
Experimental highlights in recent/future relativistic heavy-ion programs (pdf-file)

H. Fujii (Inst. of Phys., U. Tokyo)
Nuclear effects on the quarkonium at collider energies(pdf-file)

S. Kumano  (Phys. Dep., Saga U.)
Determination of nuclear parton distribution functions and its effects on heavy-ion reactions (pdf-file)

K. Fukushima  (Phys. Dep., U. Tokyo)
Interplay between the chiral phase transition and the color-deconfinement transition (pdf-file)

K. Morita (Dep. Phys., Waseda Univ.)
Hydrodynamical analysis of HBT correlations at RHIC energy (pdf-file)

M. Asakawa  (Phys. Dep., Kyoto U.)
Critical End Point at RHIC (pdf-file)

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Hotels around Univ. of Tokyo (less than 15 min. by walk from Phys. Dep.):

    H. Hamagaki (CNS, U. of Tokyo), T. Hatsuda (Dep. Phys., U. of Tokyo),  T. Matsui (Inst. of Phys., U. of Tokyo)

Contact: T. Hatsuda (Dep. Phys., Univ. of Tokyo)

updated July 27, 2003